Chachipe emerged from Romano Them which was initially launched as an independent internet platform with the primary aim to inform about the situation of Roma in Kosovo and of Kosovo Roma in Diaspora and to prevent forced repatriation.

From there, we developed into a lobby and advocacy organisation for the rights of Roma. In March 2008, we participated in the public consultation on the Kosovo constitution, where we advocated for clear, enforceable guarantees for the Roma community. Since our claims were not heard, we have subsequently drawn the attention on the shortcoming in the Kosovo Constitution and legalislation which was adopted in its aftermath, in terms of minority protection and asked for improvements to be made.

Within our focus on refugees and IDPs, we have risen awareness on the lead contamination in the IDP camps in Northern Kosovo and advocated for a sustainable solution to the refugee crisis.

We also submitted our comments on the Roma strategy in Kosovo and contributed to a Council of Europe report on organ trafficking in Kosovo.

We have participated in several conferences and meetings and published numerous press releases and articles on the human rights situation of Roma in Kosovo issues and on the situation of refugees and IDPs.

Our website, which includes more than eight hundred posts provides a comprehensive collection of documents on human and minority rights in Kosovo and refugee and asylum issues, is regularly updated. In the first year, it was viewed about 40,000 times and more about 20,000 times in the first quarter of the second year.

We have developed an intensive network of contacts with Roma and non-Roma NGOs which has yielded in several joint petitions.

In February 2009, we changed our name into Chachipe and registered as a non-profit organisation in Luxembourg.

Our work is entirely based on voluntarism. We appreciate your donations  which help us to develop our activities further.

Chachipe a.s.b.l.



In English

Hessen deports father of small children to Kosovo, 28 May 2009

German Parliament confirms rejection of deportation moratorium to Kosovo, 17 February 2009

 Pe romano chib

Na srpskom

Njemački Land Hessen deportovalo tata maloljetnih djeca na Kosovo, 28 Maya 2009

 Auf Deutsch

Hessen schiebt 26-jährigen Rom und Vater von zwei Kleinkindern nach Kosovo ab, 28. Mai 2009

En français

Mobile-home avec vue, Letzebuerger Land, 15.10.10

Press releases

In English

Deportations to Kosovo experiment on human beings, Chachipe says (PR), 1 October 2009

Kosovo incidents cast doubt on minority reporting, Chachipe says (PR), 19 August 2009

Anti-Gypsyism rampant, Chachipe said on memorial day of WWII genocide (PR), 31 July 2009

EU must find a sustainable solution for the Kosovo Roma refugees, Chachipe says (PR), 9 June 2009

UNICEF film fosters prejudices against Roma, Roma NGOs say (PR), 27 May 2009

Germany should refrain from deporting Roma to Kosovo, Chachipe says (PR), 27 April 2009

Chachipe calls on Serbian Prime Minister to halt forced evictions (PR), 6 April 2009

Attacks against Roma give rise to serious concern, Chachipe says (PR), 27 February 2009

 Obama right on refugees, Romano Them says (PR), 11 November 2008

Pe romano chib

Deportaciya ani Kosova, eksperimenti upralo o manusha, phenela o Chachipe (PR), 1. Oktobari 2009

Incidenti ano Kosovo qivela bipakyavipe ano minoritetengo raportiripe, phenela o Chachipe (PR), 19 Avgusti 2009

Bayrola o Anti-Romanipe, phenela o Chachipe ano Duyto Lumyako Maribasko memoriyalno dive palo genocid (PR), 31. Juli 2009 

UNICEF-ski produkciya vazdela nashukar gendipa palo Roma phenena organizaciye e Romengo (PR), 27 Mayi 2009

Nane kondicije irinibaske e nashle manushenge, Romano Them phenela, 9 Februari 2009

Atako kontra e Romenge vazdela seriozno nashukar gendipa, Chachipe pehenela (PR), 27 Februari 2009

Obama hakay e nashle manushenge, phenela o Romano Them (PR), 11 Novembar 2008

En français

Des associations roms reprochent à un court-métrage soutenu par l’UNICEF de propager des préjugés envers leur communauté (PR), 27 mai 2009

 Na srpskom

Film UNICEF-ova potiče predrasude prema Romima, navode romske organizacije (PR), 27 Maya 2009

Njemačka ne smije da deportuje Rome na Kosovo, Chachipe izjava (PR), 27. Aprila 2009

Chachipe trazi od Srpskog Premijera da stopira nasilnih raseljavanja (PR), 6. Aprila 2009

Auf Deutsch

Deutschland soll von Abschiebungen von Roma nach Kosovo absehen, fordert Chachipe (PR), 27. April 2009


In English

Romano Them: Fact-finding mission to Kosovo and Macedonia, February 2009

Pe Romano chib

Romano Them: Arakhibaski misiya ani Kosova thay Makedoniya, February 2009


In English

Chachipe: Report on a fact-finding mission to Kosovo, Hannover, 8 April 2009 (translation)

Na sprskom

Chachipe: Izveštaj o istraživačkom misiji na Kosovu, Hanover, 8 April 2009 (prevod)

Public statements

 Statement of the Kosovo Roma Diaspora on the occasion of the „International Roundtable on Roma, Ashakli and Egyptians of Kosovo: Challenges and Prospects of Sustainable Integration”, 22 October 2008

Vakeripa-Deklaracija Kosovake Romengi andi Diaspora p anglo “Mashkarthemutne beshipa Kosovake Romengo Ashkalijengo thaj Egipqanego: Dikhipe thaj Prosperiteti palo jek Adikerdi Integracija”, 22 Oktobari 2008

Izjava romske dijaspore sa Kosova povodom organizovanja Medunarodni Okrugli stol o Roma, Ashakli i Egipcani iz Kosova: Izazovi i perspektive za odrzive integracije, 22. Oktobra 2008


Romano Them comments on draft strategy for the integration of Roma in Kosovo, 12 October 2008

Romano Themeske komentya e draft strategiya pali integraciya e Romengi ani Kosova, 12 Oktobari 2008