17 February 2009 – Together with the Liberals, the coalition of Conservatives and Socialdemocrats definitely rejected, last Wednesday, a motion introduced by the left wing party “Die Linke” requesting for a temporary moratorium on forced repatriations to Kosovo. “Die Linke” also requested the Federal Government to grant a permanent residence status to members of ethnic minorities and other vulnerable groups. The party argued that Germany had a particular responsibility towards the Roma, resulting from the Holocaust.

In an article on the appointment of the first ever Kosovo ambassador to Germany, the internet magazin net.de, wrote that one of his main tasks would be to organise refugee returns. According to the ambassador, an estimated 200,000 people from Kosovo are living in Germany, most of them with a Serbian or Yugoslav passport. Out of these, 35,000 people, many of whom Roma, Ashkali and Kosovo Egyptians, are merely “tolerated” in Germany. They are at risk to be forcibly deported back to Kosovo once a readmission agreement between Kosovo and Germany is signed. 

Romano Them

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