Chachipe goes back to the launch, in December 2007, of an internet platform providing regular information about the situation of Kosovo Roma. Against the background of fears of renewed violence in the context of the pending declaration of Kosovo’s independence, our aim was to highlight the concerns of the Roma and to prevent eventual abuse. At the same time, we wanted to mobilise against forced repatriations of Roma to Kosovo in the aftermath of Kosovo’s independence. For that purpose, we created an online archive with the most recent documents and reports relating to human and minority rights in Kosovo.

The launch, in February 2008, of Romano Them marked our ambition to take a more active role and to engage in public debates. In March 2008, we submitted our comments on the draft constitution to the Constitutional Commission; in October 2008, we sent our comments on the Strategy for the Integration of Roma, Askalija and Kosovo Egyptians to the Office of the Prime Minister. At the same time, we developed into a lobby and advocacy organisation whose aim it is to work towards the enforcement of the rights of the Roma and combat discrimination and social exclusion.

Our activities have centred around two issues: the human rights situation of Roma in Kosovo and the situation of Roma refugees and IDPs from Kosovo. We have raised major shortcomings in the Kosovo constitution and the laws adopted in its aftermath in terms of safeguarding the rights of the Kosovo Roma. At the same time, we have lobbied against forced returns of Roma to Kosovo and for a sustainable solution of the refugee crisis.

In February 2009, we have registered as a non-profit organisation with headquarters in Luxembourg. The change of name into Chachipe, which is Romany and means, at the same time, right, justice and truth, reflects our willingness to pursue a human rights approach in tackling the manifold problems faced by Roma.

In line with our past activities, we aim to develop our lobby and advocacy activities at the level of international organisations. At the same time, we also aim to develop a specific competence and know how in the legal field.

Chachipe is, at the moment, dependent on the voluntary contribution of its members and volunteers. If you want to support our work please contact us.

N.B.: Due to a lack of funding Chachipe has stalled its activities. As a consequence, this site is no longer updated, but remains online in order to serve as an archive.

* * * * *

Chachipe irinelape nalpalal ano piro vazdipa Decembar 2007 bersheste sar yek indipendentno-biumlavdi informaciyaki platforma deyipa regularno neve informaciye pali situaciya e Romengi ani Kosova. Kontra e referentno darake palo nevo bilachipa thay zor, dendo biumlavde deklaraciya e Kosovako, amaro gendo isine te vazda nashukar gendipa e Romengo thay te kera prevenciya-siguripa palo eventualno bilachipa. Ani yeka-yek vrama, amen manglam te kera mobilizaciya palo zorea dendo irinipa e Romengo ani Kosova, palo Kosovako biumlavdipa. Sebebi akalesko amen kergyam jek online arhiva koja ando peste isila najneve dokumentya thay reportya pali situaciya e manushikane thay minoritetengo hakaja ani Kosova.

Vazdipe e Romano Themeske, ano Februari 2008 markirinela amare ambicije leyipa yeke aktivno rolake thay chivdipa ano publikune debate. Ano Marti 2008, amen chivgyam amare komentarya palo Konstituciyako drafti ji ki Konstituciyaki Komisiya, ano Oktobari 2008, bichalgyam amare komentarya pali Strategiya e RAE Integraciyake ji ko Ofisi e Uche Ministersko. Ani yeka-yek vrama, vazdingyam korkori amen ani yek lobi thay politikuni organizaciya kasko butikeripe isi palo igaripe thaj zoralipe palo Romane hakaya thay pagipe e diskriminaciyako thay socialno ikalibasko.

Amare aktivitetya isine centririme palo duy puchipa: situaciya e manushikane hakayengo Romengo kotar e Kosova thay situaciya e Romane nashle manushengo thay IDP-ngo kotar e Kosova. Amen vazdingyam majbare bichivde puchipa ani Kosovaki konstituciya thay palo adoptirime kanunya ano lengo anipa ano termi siguripaske e hakayengo Kosovake Romengo. Ano yeka-yek vrama, amen lobiringyam kontra e zorea dende irinipa e Romengo ani Kosova, thay palo yek lugyardi-sigurimi soluciya e nashle manushenge krizake.

Ano Februari 2009, amen registriringyam birayikani-biprofitibalno organizaciya pere beshibaske thanea ano Luxemburg. Promiba ano anav Chachipe, kova isi Romano thay gendinela ano yeka-yek vrama, hakay, krisipa thay chachipe-bihovaipe reklektirinela amaro gatisiripe te maramen palo manushikane hakayengo pasharibaske ano but bare problemya kolencar arakhenape o Roma.

Ano anglutne amare aktivitetya, amaro gendo isine te vazda amaro lobi thay politikake aktiviteya ano niveli e mashkarthemutne organizaciyengo. Ano yeka-yek vrama, amen isiyamen ano gendo te vazda specifikune kompetence thay jandipa ano legaluino segmenti-vazdipe e kapacitetsko.

Chachipe, ano momenti, umlavdo kotar e volontersko kontribuciya leske jenenge thay volonterenge. Te manglen phikodeyipa-suporti palo amaro butikeripa, shay te kontakrinenamen.


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