12 November 2011 – On 10 November 2011, hearing on Human Rights in the Western Balkans at the European Parliament. The hearing was organised by the Sub-Committee on Human Rights in the context of the preparation of the parliament report on the progress made by the countries of the Western Balkans in the context of the Enlargement process.

In its presentation, Chachipe underlined the prevailance of discrimination and human rights violation against Roma in all the countries. The organization focused on the situation of Roma refugees and IDPs and on the consequences of the restrictive measures taken by the countries in order to reduce the number of asylum seekers from the countries of the Western Balkans.

In the subsequent debate, Chachipe pointed out that many of those who are currently applying for asylum in the EU are Roma refugees and IDPs from Kosovo or former forced returnees from Western Europe, in particular from Germany. Chachipe agreed with the statement of an MEP, who pointed out at the responsibility of the countries of the Western Balkans towards their Roma citizens, but asked whether it is acceptable to deport foreign born children to the country of their parents or grand-parents.

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