Nearly 800 people, predominantly Roma, have been sent home by Macedonian border authorities

It sounds like a bad joke. A Macedonian family of five is on its way from its home town to Belgrade to attend the wedding of a close relative. Their car is packed with traditional wedding dresses and gifts for the young couple. Yet, at the Tabanovce border crossing, when a Macedonian border guard picks up their passports, he claims that they want to go to Surcin, the Belgrade airport, and board a plane to the European Union.

The guard alleges that they are false asylum seekers, like those that have been getting Macedonia into trouble with the EU. The family denies it. After all, they have left two school children behind so of course they will return to Macedonia after the wedding. But their protestations are to no avail as the border guard stamps their passports to signify a travel ban. The family is sent back home.

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