From the Executive Summary:

“The Roma are by far the most vulnerable category of the population in Serbia. Their plight was deeply exacerbated by the country’s economic difficulties, undermining the effects of specific measures taken to improve their status. The problems Roma have been facing for decades now, such as the lack of personal documents, poor housing conditions, poor health care, discrimination in various areas and the ineffective investigation of ethnically motivated attacks, have not gone away. The measures taken to address them have mostly failed to improve the status of the Roma or have yielded merely partial results.

Forced evictions of Roma continued in Belgrade in 2010. The authorities drove smaller groups, usually several Roma families at a time, out of their homes. Although essentially based on the law and the city’s legitimate interest to tear down illegal buildings, these forced evictions of Roma families from the illegal settlements in Belgrade are often conducted in an inhuman and discriminating manner. The year 2010 unfortunately also witnessed a series of ethnically motivated attacks on Roma, including those against whole Roma settlements, such as the one that took place in the Banat village of Jabuka in June 2010.”

Source: Belgrade Centre for Human Rights

March 2011

The full report is available here.