Belgrade, 30 March 2011 – Serbian and German officials on Tuesday in Belgrade signed a readmission protocol.

Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dačić and parliamentary State Secretary with the German Interior Ministry Ole Schroeder signed the document which covers a series of activities to solve the problem of fake asylum seekers.

Dačić and Schroeder stressed that Serbia is a politically free country and that there is no reason for the asylum requests in Germany, which are mostly Roma, it has been said.

They signed a protocol between the two governments on “the implementation of the Agreement between the European community and the Republic of Serbia on the readmission of people staying illegally” in German territory.

Schroeder pointed out that Germany is no longer giving any financial aid for the return of asylum seekers, while Dačić said Serbia will conduct an educational campaign to explain to people that visa liberalization does not mean the right to work in the EU.

There is no reason for them to come here, they will not get money and they will be immediately deported in line with the readmission agreement, Schroeder said, reminding that about 5,000 Serbian citizens applied for asylum in Germany last year.

He said that the number of requests remains high this year, adding that German and Serbian officials have agreed to intensify cooperation to prevent the fake asylum seekers from coming to Germany.

Dačić specified that the readmission protocol calls for the immediate deportation to Serbia of all illegal immigrants in Germany, pointing out that the purpose of the document is also to reduce their number.

According to him, the number of fake asylum seekers dropped 35 percent in February 2011 compared to December 2010.

Dačić announced the government will launch a public campaign to tell those seeking asylum “that the adventure will not pay off”, and that the right to asylum is not an economic, but a political category.

Armed guards

Armed guards will be employed on airline flights between Germany and Serbia to ensure the safety of passengers, Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dačić and Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany Ole Schroeder said on Tuesday.

They told reporters after signing a joint statement that armed guards will contribute to greater safety in civil aviation.

At a joint press conference with Dačić, Schroeder said that there already are guards on flights between the two countries, but they carry no weapons yet.

It is now necessary to define the modalities for the use of the weapons, he said.

Dačić explained that the agreement means that personnel of the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Serbia and Germany will be able to carry weapons on flights between the two countries.

He pointed out that Germany is one of the first countries with which Serbia has signed an agreement to this effect, noting that the initiative was launched even before he became a minister.

Dačić and Schroeder also signed a protocol between the governments of Serbia and Germany on the implementation of the agreement between the European Union and Serbia on readmission of persons illegally residing in Germany.

They also signed an agreement on a donation of the German Interior Ministry to Serbia in the form of equipment worth EUR 45,000 for Serbian border police.

Source: Tanjug