Attacks against the Roma community members has resurfaced as a big problem in Serbia.

17 January 2011 – The situation remains tense in an area near the town of Pozega, home to around 700 Serbs, after they had written neo-nazist slogans aimed against the Roma. Serbian officials have condemned the appearance of the Nazi swastika in different locations around the town.

However, this is not the first time that the Roma have become object of attack.

A year ago, because of a murder, hundreds of Roma were locked in their homes in the village of Jabuka near Pancevo, after being attacked by their neighbors.

In Pozega, slogans containing “Roma, too, out of Serbia” were to be seen in several locations. Citizens have been caught by surprise, as it is said that this area never had such problems. Nevertheless, groups of young people who express such ideas are not scarce.

Serbian courts are discussing the possibility of banning some 14 groups of fans and groups who express such extreme ideas.

Source: New Kosova Report