23 January 2010 – On the occasion of a New Year reception of the German conservative party, CDU, Christian Schwarz-Schilling, who was minister for postal services and telecommunications under the liberal-conservative coalition of chancellor Helmut Kohl, strongly criticised the forced repatriation of Roma to Kosovo. 

According to media reports, Schwarz-Schilling, whose speech covered the topic of post-war history, called on the responsibility of the international community to intervene in man-made catastrophes. In this context, he justified the intervention in the former Yugoslavia and said that its successor states were need of further post-war assistance. 

Against the background of Germany’s historic past, Schwarz-Schilling said that the forced repatriation of Roma to Kosovo was a big mistake. He recalled that the Roma as much as the Jews had been persecuted under National-Socialism and said that it was inappropriate to treat them this way. He also reminded that many emigrants from Germany had found a new home abroad. 

Schwarz-Schilling has repeatedly criticized the German authorities over their hard attitude towards the refugees. In an interview with the TV magazine Panorama, Schwarz-Schilling said that a policy consisting in receiving many people, and then kicking them out again could hardly be qualified as particularly humane. In his capacity as High Representative of the Secretary General to Bosnia-Herzegovina he acknowledged the right of refugees to return to their homes, while at the same time pointed out to the many obstacles in the exercise of this right. 


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