21 January 2010 – In spite of international warnings, Germany continues to deport Roma to Kosovo.

One week ago, several Roma and Ashkali families escaped their imminent deportation via a charter flight from Karlsruhe to Pristina and went into hiding. One of the persons from the list, the 34-year old Rama G., was arrested yesterday in Göttingen and is now facing his deportation.

According to local activists, 64 Roma are facing deportation orders, in this city alone.

Today, the regional refugee council in Niedersachsen informs about the imminent deportation, from Cuxhaven, of a Roma couple whose adult children and grandchildren have been granted a regular residence status in Germany.

In another case in Niedersachsen, local authorities threaten to deport the parents and siblings of a teenage father, who is himself protected against deportation by the fact, that the mother of the child, who is likewise minor, holds the German citizenship.

In Hessen, Elvis A., a young Roma man and father of two small children, has been rearrested, after filing a follow-up application for asylum. Having returned from Kosovo, where he was deported to, in May last year, and reportedly suffered renewed abuse, he is now charged over illegal border crossing.

In its  reply to a parliamentary question of the left-wing party, Die Linke, the German federal government maintains that the situation of Roma in Kosovo has improved and sees no reason for a specific protection.