26 November 2009 – The Kosovo-based Foreign Policy Club issued a statement reacting to the failure to resolve problems of Roma camps in the northern part of Mitrovica by calling them camps of shame.

The Club has published a magazine called the “Periscope” aimed at raising the awareness over the difficult living conditions of 700 Roma community members living in the north Mitrovica camps. Director of the Foreign Policy Club Ylli Hoxha in a press conference said that they have conducted a study which found that the Roma citizens continue to live in very grave conditions. He said this is because of the negligence of the current Government. “The situation is only further deteriorated by the action of the German Government to repatriate 14,000 Kosovars, 12,000 of which are Roma,” said Hoxha.

Source: UNMIK: Kosovo Headlines

The full article is available here (in Albanian/in Romany).