13 July 2009 – One day after celebrating its national holiday, which commemorates the storming of the Bastille and the release of its prisoners, France is set to deport a Roma family from Kosovo on 15 July. According to a local newspaper, the Tatari-Krasnici family, which comprises seven adults and eight children, has been arrested, three weeks ago, when it drove down to Toulouse, in the Southeast of France.

After having been provided with social housing, the family received a deportation order concerning its forced return to Hungary, where it had lodged an asylum application earlier this year. Its rejection had prompted the new departure of the family for France, where it hoped to file in a new asylum application.

Ten days ago, the same news paper reported about the arrest and imminent deportation of a 24-year-old Roma man from Kosovo. Besim Agović, whose application for asylum was rejected by the Préfecture in Clermont-Ferrand, has two children who were born in France.

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Arrivé[s] en France à 15 dans une voiture, ils demandent l’asile politique, La montagne, 13 July 2009

 Mobilisation pour éviter l’expulsion d’un jeune Rom du Kosovo, La montagne, 3 July 2009

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15 July 2009 – According to a local newspaper, talks were held between the Tatari-Krasnici family and a representative of the local Préfecture who promised to arrange for another meeting with the Préfecture in Limoges with view of finding a solution. He also guaranteed that the family would not be deported in the meantime.


L’attente des Roms s’annonce longue, La montagne, 14 July 2009

14 August 2009 – The family has been given until Monday, 17th August to decide whether to accept an assisted “voluntary” return to Serbia. Otherwise, it risks to be deported back to Hungary, where its asylum application has been rejected earlier this year.


Une aide au retour volontaire proposée aux réfugiés kosovars, La montagne, 14 août 2009

According to a newspaper report, the family has accepted to return to Serbia “on a voluntary basis”. They have been granted the right to stay in France untuil October 28th in order to make it possible for a pregnant woman to deliver her baby.

Les 15 Kosovars acceptent le retour volontaire en Serbie, Le populaire, 18 août 2009