13 July 2009 – During their assembly meeting, which was held this weekend, the members of the regional refugee council in Baden-Würtemberg adopted a resolution condemning the decision of the regional ministry of interior to forcibly return Roma to Kosovo.

Pointing out at recent reports by Human rights organisation and the report of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammerberg, the resolution says that the security for Roma in Kosovo is still not guaranteed. It further underlines the difficult living conditions of Roma in Kosovo including persistent discrimination and unemployment souring at 90 percent. This situation could not be overcome with temporary assistance packages.

Against this backdrop, the resolution criticises the restrictive criteria at the basis of the regularisation procedure, the so-called “Bleiberechtsregelung”, which would be difficult to meet for sick and traumatised people and people who have been constrained to forced unemployment.

These people have been living among others for many years; their children are born in Germany, the resolution says further. Deporting these children puts their well-being at risk and can damage their personality.

The members of the Flüchtlingsrat Baden-Würtemberg have called on the government of the Land Baden-Würtemberg to stop the deportation of Roma to Kosovo and to grant Kosovo Roma a permanent residence permit. Referring to Germany’s responsibility towards Roma, resulting from the crimes perpetrated under Nationalism, they asked the Land not to deport Kosovo Roma towards an uncertain destiny, but instead to further their integration.

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