Kosovska Mitrovica, 15 May 2009 – Kosovo Ministry State Secretary Oliver Ivanovic and UNMIK Chief Lamberto Zannier met yesterday in Kosovska Mitrovica to discuss the current problems in Kosovo.

“A solution to the problems in the suburb of Brdani and the power cuts for the Serbs in Kosovo can be reached through dialogue and work with task forces. That’s the only way to prevent politicization of these issues,” read a statement from the Kosovo Ministry.

Serbs in Brdani have been protesting for several days, demanding that they, like the Albanians, be allowed to begin restoration of their homes in the region. Clashes between protestors and EULEX police and KFOR have broken out on numerous occasions.

Zannier outlined UNMIK’s reconfiguration plan and the mission’s further strategy, while there was also talk of the difficult living conditions and health problems facing Roma who live in the village of Cesmin Lug in northern Kosovska Mitrovica.

“We agreed to involve all the relevant institutions in resolving these problems in order to guarantee the Roma better living conditions. Our goal is to offer them several solutions, and it’ll be up to them to accept what they think is the best one for them,” he said after the meeting.

Source: Beta/B92