Novi Sad, 13 March 2009 – Racist posters printed by the Nacionalni Stroj neo-Nazi organization have appeared all round the Novi Sad University campus and on bus stops.The posters, targeting the Roma community, carry the picture of an 18-year-old from Kraljevo murdered by a group of Roma, and bears the caption: “Serbia for the Serbs, Roma Out.”

The youngster in question was murdered on the evening of February 8/9, when he was stabbed in the chest five times by 16-year-old S.V. in a park near the railway station.

Novi Sad police spokesman Stevan Krstić told journalists that the posters would be removed because of their racist content. He added that after an investigation, police would be filing the “relevantcharges.”

G17 Plus have vehemently condemned the appearance of the racist posters.

“We want the authorities to find and sanction all those responsible for these calls for a lynch and hate speak directed at members of the Roma community,” read a statement from the party.

G17 points to the recent walk organized by the clerofascist organizations Obraz and 1389 in Novi Sad to mark the first anniversary of the unilateral declaration of Kosovo independence, as well as to the Nazi symbols and threats against provincial and state officials that appeared recently in the center of the city.

“The true face of Novi Sad is the face of tolerance, not hatred. Novi Sad is not an assault course for training Nazi and clerofascist organizations, who display their retrograde and shameful views under the mask of phony patriotism,” added the statement, calling on the work of such organizations to be outlawed.

Source: B92/Beta, Tanjug