6 December 2008 – According to Petra Pau, member of the German radical-left party, Die Linke, the Internal Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag rejected, on Wednesday, a motion, which was tabled by her party, in May, calling for a general moratorium on deportations to Kosovo. It also called on the German Minister of Interior to set the ground for the granting humanitarian protection to minorities from Kosovo and other vulnerable groups.

“It is irresponsible to deport Roma to Kosovo,” Petra Pau said in her interview with Neues Deutschland, deploring the lack of support from the conservative and liberal party. In May, her colleague, Ulla Jelpke, one of the authors of the motion, said before the Bundestag, that Germany’s decision would also have an influence on other countries. She also warned that forced repatriations would push the deportees in the arms of human traffickers and create new misery.

 Romano Them