RAE IDPs from Kosovo ready to return to their place of origin

26 November 2008 – On Monday, 24 November, IDPs from Kosovo, living in Montenegro, had a meeting with representatives of the Istok municipality regarding the possibility on their return.

During this meeting, which was lead by the a representative of the returnees, Mr. Bedri Hasani, the returnees asked to return to their place of origin. However, they were told by the representatives of the municipality, that it would be impossible to rebuild the houses in this place. Instead, they were offered 5 ar per family in Srbobran where an infrastructure is available.

While the leader of the group, Mr. Hasani, considered that this proposal was worth consideration, other participants of the meeting insisted on returning to their place of origin. They wanted their houses rebuilt in their place of birth, Rudesh, and asked for appropriate conditions to be created before their return. They asked, in particular, for an ambulance, safe school transportat for the children and employment possibilities, but the representatives of the municipality did not agree with their requests.

At the end of the meeting, they said: “Those who want return, can submit a request, and those who do not want to return, can return [to Montenegro]. We offer very good conditions, a 5oo-square meter place for every family in the Srbobran, where there is a good infrastructure.”

In the context of the “return and integration” project of the UNDP and the Ministry for Returns, 40 houses for IDPs shall be built in the Istok municipality during the next three years.

Nexhip Meneshke

Courtesy translation: Romano Them

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