Banja Luka, 14 October 2008 – Two mass graves containing the bodies of murdered Roma from Skelane and Srebrenica have been discovered in a Catholic cemetery in Bosanski Dubočac.

The order for the killings was issued by a number of Croatian Army generals, including Ante Prkačin, claims Nijaz Čaušević Medo, a former high ranking Croatian Army officer, as reported by Banja Luka daily Glas Srpske.

“I have informed the president of the Union for the Search for Captured Soldiers and Missing Civilians from Brod, Marko Grabovac, of the graves’ location. I am ready, provided that my safety is guaranteed, to testify before Bosnia-Herzegovina courts about the event,” the daily quoted Čaušević, currently living in Slavonski Brod in Croatia, as saying.

Doboj District Prosecutor Slavko Krulj says that his office is working around the clock to locate the two mass graves, which are believed to contain the bodies of nearly 200 Roma from Skelane and Srebrenica from two out of four buses that were transporting them prior to their execution.

Witnesses claim that the buses arrived in the town of Brod, from where all trace of the passengers disappears.

A missing persons operative team from the Republic of Srpska has information that one of the buses managed to cross the bridge between Brod in Bosnia-Herzegovina and its namesake in Croatia, while the other three remained on Bosnian soil.

Croatian armed forces had, at the time, occupied Brod municipality in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Witnesses, including Čaušević, claim that the Croatian authorities prohibited the buses from passing through their territories.

Čaušević says that he later redirected the buses towards Dubočac so that they could be transferred by ferry via the Sava River through Croatia.

“I heard that they had not allowed the buses to cross into Croatia there either. Instead, all the passengers were pulled out of the bus and killed,” Čaušević claims.

Four years ago, 59 bodies, presumed to be Roma from Srebrenica and Skelane from the same bus, were excavated.

Among the bodies were 23 children’s skeletons, while the other victims were mostly women.

Source: B92/Beta/Glas Srpske