Pristina, 2 September 2008- The families of killed and missing Serbs from Kosovo have stated their dissatisfaction with the work of UNMIK.

Gordana Đikanović, a member of the Association of the Families of Kidnapped, Murdered and Missing Serbs in Kosovo, told the Tanjug news agency that UNMIK Chief Lamberto Zannier had been informed that the Association was unhappy with the fact that in ten years, the civil and military mission in Kosovo had done nothing to uncover the truth regarding missing Serbs, Roma and other non-Albanians.

“We also voiced our dissatisfaction with the lack of work on identifying about 560 bodies currently located in the Priština morgue,” Đikanović said.

She said that UNMIK officials, despite receiving a list of 300 kidnappers and locations where Serbs were buried, had not done anything to legally try those responsible for the crimes.

None of the Kosovo Liberation Army generals had paid for their crimes-on the contrary, most of them were senior officials in the Kosovo government, she said, adding that this is why the families of Albanian victims were in a better situation because Serbian generals were either dead or on trial at the Hague Tribunal.

“Zannier was interested in what we had to say, but we did not receive any promises that we could convey to our family members. He said that his colleagues would work on solving the problems that we outlined to him,” Đikanović said.

The Association officials met with Zannier today to mark International Day of the Disappeared, which took place on August 30.

According to the Association’s statistics, there are still 550 Serbs listed as missing.

Source: Tanjug/B92