28 August 2008 – During a three days visit in Kosovo, the Prime Minister of the German Land Niedersachsen, Christian Wulf, will explore possibilities for refugee returns. According to the Schaumburger Narichten, he announced that his government wants to repatriate some 4000 refugees in Niedersachsen who have been denied a regular residence status. But before this can happen, security needs to be assured, the newspaper says.

Three months ago, the Minister of Interior of the Land Niedersachsen, Uwe Schünemann, said in a reply to the written question of the Green MP Filiz Polat that there are at present 5,357 individuals from Kosovo in Niedersachsen of different ethnic backgrounds, whose stay is merely tolerated. However, he also said that his government would still consider itself bound by the position of the UNHCR from June 2006, according to which Kosovo Serbs and Roma are still facing persecution in Kosovo, and not deport individuals belonging to these groups.

Romano Them