July 2008 – Giesela Kallenbach, member of the European Parliament, visited Kosovo in July and brought „rather sobering than encouraging” news with her. According to her, the situation of the Roma who returned to South Mitrovica has improved only slightly.

Kallenbach reports: “The situation of the Roma has improved only partially after the implementation of a resettlement project for a part of the families. Family houses and apartment blocks have been built, public spaces have been developed. Subsistence aid to the destitute is not available. Only 7 Roma children go school. This school is in North Mitrovica. These children have to walk a few kilometres every day on the way to their school and back. Transport facilities have not been made available to them. The promised 24 hours medical support has been reduced to 2 hours per day. Waste is not collected. There are no measures to generate employment or foster economic growth. The residents have only one shop for goods of daily use. Due to threat of safety, real or perceived they do not dare to go to the city for shopping. Many inhabitants leave their dwellings in the evening, to go to the north to sleep. This is because they feel threatened or miss medical support.”


The full report is available here.

Source: roma-kosovoinfo

Translation: Romano Them