22 July 2008 – The human rights in Kosovo are unsatisfactory as serious violations of human rights were registered in the past year, Kosovo’s acting ombudsman Hilmi Jashari said on Monday.

Presenting an annual report covering the period between 2007 and 2008, Jashari said that the ombudsman institution has noticed multiple violations of human rights and freedoms.

“Furthermore we’ve been facing many obstacles during our actions to solve some cases reported within this period,” said Jashari.

He said the luck of rule of law has increased insecurity to the citizens and luck of trust in the judiciary system.

“The new Constitution (which took effect on June 15 this year) guaranties human rights, but in the ground the chapter can’t be fully implemented,” said the Kosovo ombudsman.

According to the report, the ombudsman institution has received within the period over 8,800 complaints, mostly against ministries and courts, followed by municipal authorities and police service.

The annual report points out other obstacles that jeopardize human rights in Kosovo, such as property issues, returnees’ problems and Serb parallel structures in the territory.

Kosovo, which has two million population dominated by ethnic Albanians, unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in February after nearly nine years as a UN protectorate. Belgrade, which still views the breakaway province as its religious and cultural cradle, has rejected the move as illegal.

Source: Xinhua