Belgrade, 11 June 2008 – The Kosovo Property Agency (KAI) has begun ruling on applications for the return of the owner’s or management rights for property in the province. Proceedings began yesterday at 09:00 CET at UNMIK offices in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Niš, Podgorica, Peć and Gračanica. According to information from the KAI, more than 400 property rulings will be issued.

Parties unsatisfied with the Commission’s rulings have the right to appeal to Kosovo’s Supreme Court.

Appeals will be considered by a court council of two international judges and one from Kosovo. The Supreme’s Court decision will be final.

A total of 39,589 applications for return of property have been submitted, pertaining to agricultural property and residential buildings. The court has processed 8,295 applications so far.

Rulings are written in English, but are translated into Albanian and Serbian.

Source: B92/Beta