Priština, 25 May 2008 – A number of Kosovo Serbs driven out of their homes in the village of Misutište in the Suva Reka municipality visited their property, officials said.

Priština-based Albanian language daily Koha Ditore reported that an unspecified number of Serbs arrived accompanied by UNHCR and the Danish Red Cross officials.

The same report adds that the Serbs also met with local municipal leadership.

The municipal press service said afterwards in a statement that the IDPs were directly informed about the general circumstances in their village, possibilities of return, “and possibility for the young people to join the Kosovo police, KPS”.

According to the daily, the local authorities encouraged the Serbs to return to their houses and farms, from where ethnic Albanians drove them out after the 1999 war.

Koha Ditore also said that the Serbs thanked municipal officials for the welcome, and the police, who organized their escort.

A UNHCR report dated Sept. 1, 2007, puts the number of Serbs and other non-Albanians forced to leave their homes in the province at 206,504.

Source: B92/Beta