Priština, 24 May 2008 – The Kosovo Ministry for Return and Communities and an NGO on Friday signed a memorandum of understanding in Priština.The document is meant to harmonize activities on the creation of conditions for the Kosovo Serbs, internally displaced in the province itself and in central Serbia, to return to their homes.

Boban Stanković, who heads the ministry, said after the signing that the aim of the memorandum was to create the best possible conditions for the return of Serbs.

He said that the cooperation between the ministry and the NGO, Unija M, would help IDPs return to Laplje Selo and the municipalities of Priština, Istok and Novo Brdo.

Unija M representative Dosta Palić voiced hope that the signed MoU would not refer only to the realization of a single project, but that it would also include activities aimed at giving assistance to the IDPs.

According to UNHCR data, about 20,000 IDPs have returned to Kosovo, while Belgrade warns that some 250,000 Serbs and other non-Albanians were driven out of their homes after the 1999 war.

Source: B92/Tanjug