Belgrade/Pristina, 20 April 2008 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will present his quarterly Kosovo report to the Security Council tomorrow.The session will also be attended by President Boris Tadić.

The reports says that UNMIK will continue with its mandate in Kosovo in line with Resolution 1244, but in a practical and realistic manner, taking into account the development of the situation.

In his previous report, Ban’s appraisal of Kosovo’s security situation was that it was stable, but fragile.

The secretary-general at the time also said that UNMIK would continue with its tasks in the province unless the Security Council decided otherwise.

Tadić said ahead of his trip to New York that “no one has the right to prevent the defense of Serbia’s integrity, or her European integration,” and expressed his “deep conviction” that both were possible.

Beside Ban, UNMIK chief Joachim Ruecker will also submit his regular report. The most positive development mentioned in the document, reports say, will be the draft of a new Kosovo constitution.

Kosovo’s Premier Hashim Thaci is also in New York, where he will attend the same council session. Although his status at the meeting is still unclear, Priština believes Thaci’s presence is a “new strengthening, practically a confirmation of Kosovo’s independence”.

UNMIK has confirmed Thaci’s participation, but did not clarify whether it will be within the formula of an informal gathering, as was the case previously.

As for Ruecker’s report, its contents, as is customary ahead of each UN SC session, are still unknown, but observers say it will be interesting to see how he describes the relationship between the mission he heads and the new circumstances present in the province since Feb. 17.

Another issue that reports say Priština believes could turn out to be central at the session is the issue of Belgrade’s intention to organize parliamentary and local elections in the province.

UNMIK is firmly opposed to the latter.

Source: B92