Strasbourg, 14 April 2008 – Russia’s proposals regarding a draft resolution on facts of inhumane treatment of people and illegal trade in human organs in Kosovo have received the signatures of all five political groups of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and handed over to the organisation’s secretariat on Monday, State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Konstantin Kosachev said.

He referred particularly the proposal to oversee the investigation of facts described in Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte’s memoirs, where she said that militants from the Kosovo Liberation Army abducted hundreds of people living in Serb enclaves as well as citizens of Moldova, Russia, Romania and other countries in the province at the end of the 1990s.

Their vital organs were cut out in an illegal laboratory in northern parts of Albania for resale on the black market, he added.

“There are indications that top leaders of Kosovo were involved in these crimes,” the draft resolution proposed by the Russian delegation said.

“The assembly has no reasons to question the competence and knowledge of the former prosecutor of the Hague tribunal on this matter. The assembly believes it necessary to carry out a thorough investigation of the facts mentioned in del Ponte’s book in order to verify their authenticity, restore justice in respect to the victims of crimes and determine those responsible for them. The deputies are convinced that such heinous actions should receive the harshest assessment from the representatives of the peoples of Europe that have been united in the Council of Europe by the common task of protecting common values and ideals,” Kosachev said