Pristina, 7 April 2008 – Members of a commission set up in Priština today signed a “draft constitution of the republic of Kosovo”.

The document has 40 chapters and 160 articles, and strives to determine Kosovo as a “parliamentary republic, strengthening the role of president, who will also be commander in chief of a future Kosovo army”.

The paper also sets “Albanian and Serbian as official languages”.

The Albanians in the southern Serbian province on Feb. 17 unilaterally declared independence. Belgrade in turn declared this null and void.

Some 30 countries have so far recognized the secession.

The ceremony in Priština today was attended, among others, by EU’s representative to Kosovo, Pieter Feith.

Feith previously “verified” this document, sent to be adopted by the assembly in Priština, and “become valid on June 15”.

Meanwhile, Washington has announced it will “open its embassy in Priština” tomorrow.

Germany and Switzerland have previously opted for the same move.

Source: B92/Tanjug