The Humanitarian Law Centre (HLC) – Kosovo assessed that the Law on the Use of Language is generally implemented in view of the Turks, Bosniaks, Ashkalies, Egyptians, and a part of Goranies who attend schools in Bosnian language. Students, members of these ethnic communities, attend schools organized according to the Kosovo Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (Kosovo MONT) curriculum. Curricula enacted by this Ministry are prepared not only in Albanian language, but also in Bosnian and Turkish. Kosovo MONT regulated the educational curriculum in Bosnian and Turkish language in view of the following subjects: Language, History, Art, and Music because of their need to preserve the identity of the minority groups, who attend schools in their mother tongue. Ashkalies and Egyptians’ mother tongue is Albanian and therefore they attend schools in Albanian language. Serbs and a part of Goranies attending schools in Serbian language are following the educational curriculum regulated by the Serbian Government in Serbian language. The HLC – Kosovo underlines that the Kosovo Government still has not enacted the educational curriculum in Serbian language. On the other hand, Serbs refuse to join the process of negotiation with Kosovo MONT regarding the outline of the educational curriculum in Serbian language enacted by this Ministry, even though the Kosovo Government sent them an official and public call. Education in Roma language has not been organized either in schools under the Kosovo MONT jurisdiction or in schools under the jurisdiction of the Serbian Government Ministry of Education. Parts of the Roma people, who live in predominantly Albanian environment, attend Albanian schools, while Roma who live in Serb enclaves attend schools in Serbian language. A smaller number of Roma children attend schools in Bosnian language.

The survey is available here (in Albanian/Serbian/English).