Humanitarian Law Centre (HLC)-Kosovo assesses that the application of the Anti-discrimination Law, in relation to the employment of ethnic minorities, is not satisfactory. Ethnic community members are not represented in Kosovo public companies according to their overall percentage of the population of Kosovo. In addition, HLC-Kosovo considers that the Law on the Use of Languages is not being entirely implemented. However, there is progress in KEK and PTK. Progress can be especially seen in public utility companies. It can be noticed primarily in the issuance of employment contracts to ethnic community members in their own mother tongues. It is only the Roma population that does not receive contracts in their language. In some cases, Bosniaks and Turks want their contracts to be in Albanian and not in their mother tongues. Bosniaks and Muslims most often receive contracts in Serbian while Turks receive contracts in Albanian.

December 2007

The survey is available here.