19 February 2008 – The Roma National Council as the legitimate representative of the Roma community in Serbia yesterday condemned the statements of the British ambassador to the UN, John Sawers, who said among others that the Ahtisaari plan and the unilateral declaration of independence were accepted by Roma and Turks living in Kosovo. The British ambassador also mentioned as a reason for the declaration of independence the ethnic cleansing of Albanians from Kosovo. But this “argument” is being forgotten when it is mention of Roma, for instance.

During the mandate of the international force in Kosovo, more than 85 percent of the Roma who lived in Kosovo have left their home, because of the terror of Albanian gangs and the provisional government institutions in Kosovo and Mehtojia. Until today, less than five percent have decided to return. It is exactly for these reasons that it is possible that the representative of the Roma in the Kosovo Parliament, Hadji Zuljfi, votes for such kind of shameful decisions. Hadji Zuljfi has lost all his political, social and moral credibility with the Roma long time ago, because he never stood up against the terror, the violence, the murder, and persecution his fellow Roma have been exposed to in Kosovo and Metohija for years.

The international society, the UN Security Council and the member states of the EU have to know that the Roma one of the biggest collateral damages in Kosovo and Methojia. The Roma will never give away their country, Serbia, and the Roma will never recognise an independent Kosovo. For this reason the British ambassador does not have the right to use the Roma in his false argument for the illegal decision taken by the Kosovo Assembly, the statement of the Roma National Council says. The National Council of the Roma minority in Serbia is prepared to submit all relevant information about the ethnic cleansing and the terror Roma are exposed to in Kosovo and Metohija to the UN Security Council.

Source: Rominterpres