18 February 2008 – In an interview with the German broadcaster Deutschlandfunk, Albert Rohan, chief advisor of UN Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari, said, that the main purpose of the Ahtisaari plan was to protect the rights of the Kosovo Serb community, and that this plan was being implemented now.

“Everyone, including the Kosovo government, wants the Kosovo Serbs to stay in Kosovo, and the refugees to return, and if they wish so, lead a normal life in safety,” Rohan said. But he also said, that it was now up the Kosovo Serb community to understand, that it needs to cooperate with the Kosovo government and with the new EU mission.

“This decision cannot be taken away from them,” Rohan said. “They have to make use of the rights, we are offering them in our proposals. Otherwise this cannot function,” he concluded.

Romano Them

The whole text of the interview is available here.