18 February 2008 – After Kosovo’s declaration of independence, the Constitutional Commission has made public the draft of the constitution which was published in the last months. According to the Constitutional Commission, a second round of public discussions will start now. People have also been invited to submit their comments via internet.

The process of drafting Kosovo’s has been criticized for its lack of transparency. It was conducted behind closed doors with no citizen’s involvement. In a statement released last week, Amnesty International asked the Kosovo government to make available the document without delay. Amnesty has also asked for a commitment to human and minority rights to be enshrined in the constitution.

Romano Them

The document is available here:

http://www.kushtetutakosoves.info/repository/docs/DraftConstitutionEnglish.pdf (in English)

http://www.kushtetutakosoves.info/repository/docs/USTAVRepublikeKosovo.Srpski.pdf(in Serbian)

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