16 February 2008 – During a press conference convened especially for that purpose, Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci, on Friday gave his personal reassurance that an independent Kosovo would respect the rights of Kosovo’s non-Albanian population, in particular the Serbs.”We aim to build in Kosovo – it being a country that can accommodate all the citizens of Kosovo – a country of equal opportunities and of the most affirmative (action) possible for the minorities, primarily the Serbs,” Thaci said according to media reports. He promised that no citizen should feel discriminated against or neglected: “Kosovo is the homeland of all citizens.” He also announced the creation, at cabinet-level, of an office that would report to him daily on minority issues.

Kosovo Serbs, under the support of the Serbian government, have refused being considered as a minority in Kosovo: “We want to draw attention to the fact that Serbs are the majority people in the State of Serbia, and that using this terminology – apart from being inaccurate is also in favor of Kosovo and Metohija’s independence,” the Serbian Ministry for Kosovo and Methojia said in a comment on UNMIK’s report in November last year.

Romano Them