The future status of the province of Kosovo remains at the top of the regional political agenda. At the end of July 2007, the discussion on Kosovo’s status moved from the UN Security Council to the Contact Group. A troika was formed to conduct further talks in an attempt to seek a negotiated solution. A report on progress is expected by 10 December 2007.

The implementation of the Sarajevo Declaration (the Sarajevo Process) is expected to continue. The political will of national and regional stakeholders is necessary to resolve the outstanding displacement issues. The countries involved will need to enact coordinated national plans based on clear legal and procedural frameworks to pursue durable solutions, including local integration and voluntary repatriation. Such national plans will require adequate financial support, including from international donors.

Instances of harassment, abuse and sporadic incidents of violence targeting minorities remain of concern. The Roma population in particular is frequently confronted with discrimination, underlining the need to address deep-rooted prejudices and enhance protection for all, including members of minority groups. UNHCR is seeking to prevent and reduce the risk of statelessness, which is compounded by the lack of personal identity documents and other civil records.


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