Pristina have to acknowledge the rights of Bulgarians in Kosovo.This have to be the first Sofia’s condition before recognizingthe region’ independency, the IMRO (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization) leader Krasimir Karakachanov appealed.

Over 20,000 Gorans, ethnic Bulgarians are permanently living in Kosovo. The ethnic society representatives have been insisting for a long time in front of Bulgarian authorities to be recognized as minority.

According to experts now is the best moment Bulgaria to protect their rights due to the upcoming moment of Kosovo’s separating from Serbia.

The existence of Bulgarian minority in Kosovo is indisputable fact. Although there have been lots of pressing trial their self – awareness to be changed, the Gorans keep on calling own selves Bulgarians.

Lot of them has tried to receive Bulgarian citizenship, especially after 1989.

‘The authorities in Sofia have to move on and to defend the rights of Bulgarians in Kosovo just right now, because Prisitna is hectically working over establishing constitution of a new state.

This constitution will surely contain a chapter for minority’s rights, including Bulgarian, and Sofia has to lobby for this’ the Gorans representatives informed.