9 February 2008 – In an interview with National Interest, an online publication by the US Nixon Centre, Naser Rugova, a senior policy advisor of the Kosovo Prime Minister, expressed hopes that Kosovo Serbs would recognise the “new reality” after Kosovo becoming independent.

“When it comes to minorities, the minority issue is a challenge, but I think when the status is solved, the Serbs in Kosovo will reprioritize, and they will realize that Kosovo is Kosovo. And I think that they will face that new reality, and it will make things much easier for the majority to get engaged and work for these minorities.”, he said.

Referring still to the Kosovo Serbs, he said that he expected, that their demands would become “more practical” than of political nature: “I think that most of the political problems will be solved in the status document, and they will get the guarantees that they need. And the Kosovo government will be committed to those guarantees. So whatever they would claim after would be more of a practical than a political nature.”

Kosovo’s smaller communities including Roma were not mentioned in the interview.

Romano Them

The whole text of the interview is available here.