Pristine, 9 February 2008 – An Internet-petition in protection of the Bulgarians in Kosovo and for ‘cultural and administrative autonomy’ was launched yesterday, a reporter of FOCUS News Agency noticed.

The appeal is made by the ‘Cultural-educational association Ognishte’, ‘Cultural-educational association Rodolyubets’, the Helsinki Committee of the Bulgarians in Serbia and is addressed to the Parliament, President, the Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the media.

‘There are ethnic Bulgarians living in Kosovo, and they keep identity, traditions, language and custom for centuries. There are two NGOs of the Bulgarians registered in the UN-administered province. Our compatriots live in the conditions of constant provocations. So far there have been 52 bomb attacks in the area of Gora in Kosovo, but no culprits have been detained. The tendency is for independent Kosovo to be created soon under the guidance of the International Community. Bulgarians in Kosovo are desperately seeking help from the institutions in Bulgaria for protection of their human rights’, the letter reads.

Source: Focus News Agency