6 February 2008 – Kosovo Prime Minister, Hashim Thaçi, accompanied by the Minister for Returnees and Communities, Boban Stankovic, and other ministers visited on Tuesday an ethnic Serb community. Thaçi used the occasion to invite all the displaced in Serbia and Montenegro to return to their homes and property in Kosovo.

During the stay at Slavisa Slavkovic’s family, the prime minister expressed his interest for the well being of this family and other villagers, promising a tractor and the improvement of living conditions to the Slavkovic family.Thanking the family for the hospitality, Thaçi said that Kosovo government is the only address for the solution of problems and that he will be dedicated to working for all the citizens of the country, adding that Kosovo is homeland to all of its citizens no matter the ethnicity.

The prime minister invited all the displaced currently in Serbia and Montenegro to return to their homes in Kosovo. “Kosovo belongs to us all, where all of us will work together focused on the future instead of remaining hostage to our bitter past. Kosovo is building a democratic order, interethnic tolerance with clear goals and for economic development,” stated Thaçi during his visit.

Source: New Kosova Report