Priština, 5 February 2008 – Kosovo belongs to all its citizens, Prime Minister Hashim Thaci claimed while visiting a Serb family in central Kosovo on Tuesday.

Accompanied by some ministers of his cabinet, Thaci visited the village of Rubovc/Rubovac, just outside the ethnically-mixed town of Lypjna/Ljipljane.

“We are committed to work for the benefit of all communities”, Thaci stated after meeting a Kosovo Serb family. Another 49 ethnic Serb families live in the village.

Thaci urged all Kosovo Serbs to remain in the province, even after it declares independence from Serbia.

“The government will involve all in building a new democratic Kosovo… it will be the land of all its citizens, regardless to their ethnicity,” the Prime Minister of the United Nations-administered territory pledged.

“I will be with you and beside you,” he added.

Many Kosovo Serbs fear the province’s independence, which is likely to be declared soon, will leave them marginalised in society, eventually forcing them to leave.

Kosovo’s politicians have been stepping up efforts to convince them otherwise, promising them a multi-ethnic society and equal opportunities for all.

Source: BalkanInsight