Pristina, 30 January 2008 – The UN authorities in Kosovo have sent a letter to Serbia’s government, expressing concern over some of its actions against Kosovo’s international administration.Joachim Ruecker, the head of UN mission in Kosovo, UNMIK, had coordinated his letter, addressed to Serbian Prime Minister, Vojislav Kostunica, with member states of Contact Group which brings together six major powers.

The UN spokesperson, Alexander Ivanko, told a news conference on Wednesday that the letter referred to the recent visit of Serbia’s Minister for Kosovo and Metohija, Slobodan Samardzic, to the UN-administered territory.

According to Ivanko, Samardzic reportedly “intimidated the Serb minority in Kosovo in order to counter the UN administration and Kosovo’s own institutions”.

“He made statements aimed at intimidating the lawful local administration and preventing it from cooperating with UNMIK and the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government”, Ivanko said while giving details of the letter.

Observers say the Belgrade government has been harsh in its criticism of Kosovo Serbs who cooperate with Kosovo’s UN administration and locally-elected institutions.

Ivanko added that “the letter also focuses on a pattern of activities in Kosovo of the Serbian government that are in violation of UN Security Council resolution 1244”, without explaining further what specific actions were referred to.

Resolution 1244 established the UN administration in Kosovo at the end of the war in 1999.

The new Kosovo government, formed in early January, includes two Serb community representatives from among the small minority of Serbs who participated in November’s elections.

The government in Belgrade has been discouraging the Kosovo Serbs from taking part in the UN-administered territory’s public institutions.

Source: BalkanInsight