Priština, 30 January 2008 – The Kosovo government has begun a public discussion on the Constitution.

Officials expect the Constitution to be adopted shortly after independence is declared.

Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuchi, who heads the work group for the Constitution, said at the first public session that the constitutional draft, which has already been prepared, would set the foundation for Kosovo becoming a modern, sovereign and democratic country.

Though the public discussion has begun, the draft has yet to be published.

Kuchi did not say when the document would be published, because that is tied to the political process of proclaiming the province’s independence.

However, the government has opened an internet site,, where there is information regarding the draft of the Constitution, and people can comment on the process and draft, once it has been released.

The first phase of discussions is expected to finish by February 8, after which the second phase will begin, which should end with the adoption of the Constitution by the Kosovo parliament.

Source: B92