Bern, 27 January 2008 – According to szonline, the online edition of the Solothurner Zeitung, the Conference of the directors of Justice and Police of the Swiss cantons (KKJPD) is concerned about the possible arrival of a new wave of refugees from the Balkans and has prepared a new contingency plan which has yet to be approved by the Federal Minister of Justice, Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, and the cantons.

Referring to an interview with the vice-president of the KKJPD, Karin Keller-Sutter, in the Sunday paper “SonntagsBlick”, the news paper says that the refugees would first be accomodated in army facilities, before being dispatched to the cantons. Some refugees could also be placed with family members the KKJPD believes. Given a decrease in the number of asylum applications, most of the reception centres for asylum seekers have been closed and capacities are missing.

Switzerland has been hosting a large community of refugees from the Balkans including Kosovo and is a strong supporter of Kosovo’s independence.

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