A new fact sheet released on 23 January 2008 by the Bureau of Public Affairs of the US Department of States remains silent about the situation of Roma and other non-Serb minoirities in Kosovo. “Kosovo is a region of the former Yugoslavia composed of approximately 90% ethnic Albanians and 6% ethnic Serbs. Serbs want Kosovo to remain an integral part of Serbia, while Kosovo’s Albanians want an independent state.”, the document says in its introduction.

This is followed by a short outline of the Kosovo conflict focusing on the revocation of Kosovo’s autonomy under Slobodan Milosevic which, according to the document, culminated in the instauration of an “apartheid-like system of ethnic discrimination against Kosovo Albanians.”

The document goes further into elaborating the status negotiations process under the UN Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari and concludes that the “implementation of the Ahtisaari proposals, including supervised independence, is the best way to ensure peace, stability, and prosperity for the entire Balkans region, including Serbia.”

Accordingly, this document contains a far-reaching proposal to protect the rights of Kosovo Serbs and “other non-Albanian” communities. The fact, that the so-called others were not included in the status negotiations is not mentioned.

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The full text of the document “Kosovo’s Final Status: A Key to Stability and Prosperity in the Balkans” is available at: