Radio Free Europe: A question for Mr. Elshani, KFOR and UNMIK representatives: Which are the possible threats now that the date of solving of the status is nearing, is getting closer, who might be posing threats and from which regions? Thank you.

Veton Elshani, KPS spokesman: Artan, the Kosovo Police Service is continually preparing for different situations. We have had an operational plan earlier on in December 2005, that was implemented, the operational plan called for strict security, the aim of which was to provide a good climate of security during the talks on status. Now we have another plan in place which has to deal with the status itself, but it also has to do with different possible scenarios. So the main aim of this plan and the main objective of KPS is also to preserve the life and law and order like any other police force throughout the world. We cannot speak about threats because we are an institution that deals with law and order and whenever this order is threatened we are ready to defend it.

Col. Bonneau: We have different plans to face different situations and you may understand that we cannot comment on them.

Zëri: A question for Veton and KFOR also: in case Serb members of KPS decide not to wear their uniforms in the northern part of Kosovo, do you have any plan how to fill in the vacuum that might be created in that case?

Veton Eslhani: The answer to this question could come later probably at a moment when we would be faced with such a situation. But the KPS is active throughout the territory of Kosovo and we strongly believe that something like that will not happen having in mind that it is the duty and obligation of KPS wherever they are, to preserve public law and order and also to create a good climate of security for the people living in Kosovo.

Source: UNMIK: Kosovo: Press Briefing Transcript for briefing of 23 Jan 2008

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