Parliamentary Assembly calls for continuation of talks on Kosovo status (PR)

Strasbourg, 22 January 2008 – In a resolution adopted today, the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) deeply regretted that a mutually-acceptable solution to the status of Kosovo has not yet been found, but said alternative ways should be envisaged to continue talks on the basis of UNSC Resolution 1244.

It called on the UN Security Council to do everything in its power to overcome differences and reach a compromise in order to prevent Kosovo from becoming “a powder-keg and ultimately a frozen conflict in the Balkans”.

The Assembly also said that, among the possible scenarios, it was “not to be excluded” that the Kosovo Assembly would decide to resort to a unilateral declaration of independence. In this case, the EU should “endeavour to achieve a single position” towards such a declaration.

It called on the parties to keep their pledge to preserve peace and dialogue in all circumstances and to refrain from any incitement to violence.

Regardless of what solution is found, the parliamentarians said, Kosovo should be “a multi-ethnic area safe for all those who live in it”, where Council of Europe human rights standards are fully enforced.

Source: PACE

The text of the adopted resolution 1595 (2008) “Developments as regards the future status of Kosovo” is available at:

Recommendation 1822 (2008), “Developments as regards the future status of Kosovo”, is available at: