19 January 2008 – Serbia is a free country with a fairly high level of political and human rights, a new report says.

The Freedom House latest report, Freedom in the World 2007, qualifies at the same time Serbia’s disputed southern province of Kosovo as “the worst in Europe regarding human freedoms.”

On a scale from one to seven, Serbia was given three for political and two for human rights.

The average mark Serbia was given in the U.S. NGO’s annual report is 3.68, which is slightly better than in 2006, when it was at 3.71.

All the indicators have, more or less, remained the same, except for the fact that it is now assessed that the freedom of media has suffered a slight aggravation, from 3.25 to 3.50, but also that the level of corruption has been reduced – from 4.75 to 4.5.

Freedom House specifies that in Kosovo, which is under UN administration, no progress has been made since 2006, when the situation was “worse than in 2005.”

Both reports are available for download here:


Source: B92