Strasbourg, 17 January 2008 – Slovenian Prime Minister and acting Council President,  Mr Janez Janša, yesterday outlined Slovenia’s priorities for its six month presidency of the European Council in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Speaking about the political situation in Kosovo, he argued that the current status quo is unsustainable, and that Kosovo demands a “special solution which cannot be applied to other parts of the world”.  He said that the Slovenian Presidency would be “coordinating solutions enjoying the broadest support within the EU and at the same time guaranteeing long-term stability in the region.”

He further pointed out at the current political instability in Bosnia and called for sustained support from the international community and the EU. He said that the refugees who have not yet been able to return to their homes should not be forgotten, and that serious war crimes need to be punished yet, an issue, whose importance he underlined not only for Bosnia, but the whole region.

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