Priština, 16 January 2008 – Kosovo’s President Fatmir Sejdiu has assured the Serb community of his full support when he visited a Serb-inhabited village in the central part of the UN-administered territory.
During his visit to the ethnically-mixed village of Berkova/Brkovo, Sejdiu met local Serbs, many of whom had returned to their homes after being displaced as refugees, mainly in Serbia.

“This village is one of the best examples of communities living together,” Sejdiu said while meeting Serb returnees and others.

Sejdiu was accompanied with the Deputy Head of the UN Administration in Kosovo, UNMIK, Larry Rossin, and the new Minister of Returns and Communities, Boban Stankovic, who is one of the Serb representatives in Kosovo’s government.

Sejdiu denounced those who were trying to intimidate Serb refugees, saying that such “voices aim to frighten those who express their willingness to return”. He added that “Kosovo institutions will make every possible effort to ensure a better life for all their citizens.”

Berkovo/Brkovo is a village near the central town of Klina, a rare example of Albanian and Serb communities living next to each other.

“I am very happy to be among people who have returned home,” he said, while sipping a local drink inside the house of a Serb returnee.

The UN-administered territory’s Albanian-dominated Assembly is set to declare independence from Serbia in the coming weeks, in the face of opposition by Belgrade.

Source: BalkanInsight