In light of progressive transfer of competencies from UNMIK to PISG, Kosovo’s central
and local government institutions will be in charge of managing the process of repatriation and reintegration of persons originating from Kosovo, who were denied refugee or permanent resident status in third countries. In order to overcome the challenge related to the management of a big influx of people, who will undergo the process of repatriation, the government of Kosovo (hereinafter: PISG) on 25th October 2006 established a Steering Board for Reintegration of Repatriated Persons. It was tasked to reach consensus on roles and responsibilities of line Ministries in the field of reintegration of repatriated through consultative and inclusive process.


The Steering Board called for the establishment of an experts group to draft a strategy for reintegration of repatriated persons. This strategy is a result of an all-embracing drafting process, which involved a clear work assignment and coordination and cooperation of relevant local institutions and international organizations.

The Strategy for Reintegration of Repatriated Persons is based on the principle of equality and covers all aspect of reintegration: initial reception assistance, legal reintegration, access to health care, employment, education, social welfare, humanitarian minority transportation, vulnerable groups and social housing and property. All sections pay special attention to the reintegration of minority communities.

The document is available here:

– in English

– in Serbian